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A call for a humane immigration and integration policy

Fair Immigration Reform Movement Charter

How was the Immigration Charter written?

The Immigration Charter is a result of extensive discussions and deliberations amongst migrant and refugee communities, with input from campaigners, politicians, case workers, volunteers, and many others who support people affected by harsh immigration policies.

The idea for creating a document that set out shared demands for comprehensive immigration reform emerged during a Migrants Organise strategy session in Manchester, convened in June 2018. Discussions amongst members working on local campaigns across Britain revealed an interdependence of issues and principles, and the need for a movement combining individual national campaigns and local initiatives. It was concluded that this movement be established within a framework of values and specific policy demands that addressed the unprecedented build up of exclusion and injustice towards migrants unashamedly named the ‘Hostile Environment’.

How will the Charter help in the current situation?

The Charter provides a perspective based on the structures of racism and colonialism experienced by migrants and refugees coming to Britain. It seeks to advance an informed and contextualised understanding of how and why hostile policies were created, and, therefore, how they can be overturned. Effective resistance and action depends on an understanding of the history and pervasiveness of the current structures and discourse in order that appropriate, collective responses can be formulated.

We aim to reshape the public debate away from an obsession with migrants as dehumanised and racialised subjects who arrive to the UK in burdensome numbers, and towards an understanding of the damage caused by current Government policies. We seek to end the normalisation of hostility and conceive a better world based on principles of dignity, justice, welcome and action.

Are the policies and demands of the Charter ‘utopian’?

The demands in the Charter are the basic rights well established by international law, the UN Migration Compact and other key documents to which the UK Government is already a signatory.

A number of the most egregious ‘hostile environment’ policies were introduced very recently and previously never existed in Britain. The British Government’s current approach to migration is brutal and extreme in its treatment of migrants and refugees, with no moral, legal, economic or practical justification for these policies. There is nothing utopian or radical in ensuring that these dangerous policies are reversed, and their structural causes immediately addressed.

The Charter talks about more than just migration policy. Why?

Migration cannot be separated from the injustices that cause people to move, or from the policies that inhibit their free movement. Therefore, discussing migration necessitates a more inclusive discussion on the impact of the rise of fascist politics, structural racism, austerity, the climate emergency, as well as the struggle against imperialism and colonialism.

The Charter features concerns and demands brought to the discussion by migrant communities, including demands for both domestic policies as well as the promotion of self-determination, fundamental human rights and the free movement of people.

The Charter features concerns and demands brought to the discussion by migrant communities, including demands both for just domestic policies as well as the ….

How can I support organising being done around the Charter?

You can sign the Charter and join our mailing list so that we can keep you posted about actions, news, developments and campaigns that are planned around the country.

You can spread the word and share the Charter and ask your friends and people in your networks to join in and sign the Charter.

You can get in touch and we can connect you with people already organising near you.

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